How fast should a website load?

This is a very important question to answer as Speed has been identified by Google as one of the key factors that either increase or decrease conversions.

Google tells us that you loose 20% conversions for each additional second of loading time above 3 seconds.

So you got it right: the answer is: you site must load in less than 3 seconds.

It’s even more important because:

  • Consumers are more and more impatient: According to studies, you have an average of 8 seconds, yes, 8 seconds(sic!) to grab their attention. So your site must be fast.
  • Google revealed “core web vitals” as ranking factors, and speed is at the heart of this announcement.

How to evaluate your page speed?

We are using a Google tool you can find on that Google Page. It is a free tool, just enter your URL and Google will give you the results for Mobile and desktop

Google Page Speed tool

PageSpeed gives you the loading speed of your site


According to this Backlinko study, the average website takes 87% longer to load on mobile vs. desktop because mobile devices have slower processors as well as device-specific CSS rules. In other words, your web developer needs to optimize each version of your site independently. Remember: more than 60% of your traffic comes from mobile devices…

Your developer should also optimize your pictures size and formats in order for them to load faster. Your hosting, redirects and content need to be considered as well.

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Restaurant owners: why LOCAL SEO becomes more than ever essential?

The 3-Pack on Google Search

You own a restaurant and struggle? You advertise on Yelp, on Facebook, paying Valpack campaigns and postcards and still, you complain? Covid-19 regulations are killing you?

Look no further: you are using the wrong assets. Why? Look at the data below:

Source: Search Engine Journal

Looking at this graph, do you think you will get more clients by spending your money on Social Media and Yelp or on Google? The answer is of course that you should ONLY consider Google because this is where your audience TRULY is.

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